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Final Thoughts

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What do you think? Can you apply what you have learned on these pages in your own web promotion campaign?

We hope we have made it crystal clear— there are no secrets in SEO no matter how many 20 page long sales letters you receive trying to sell you the "ultimate secret" to top ranking. These are just people masquerading as SEO experts, but they are not interested in your success. We can guarantee you that!

The bottom line is search engines need valuable websites like yours to display in their organic search results so they can earn money from paid searches. If you build and optimize your site with your visitors in mind, you can't go wrong. More often than not, what's good for your website visitors is also good for the search engines. But always keep in mind, the search engines are machines without any bias toward visual effects, so it's ok to build a pretty site with lots of pictures and flash, but make sure you let the search engines know what your web pages are about with an equal amount of text.

We can guarantee the most challenging part of SEO will be link building and gaining link popularity for your site. This is especially true if you are starting with a brand new site. There are too many conflicting opinions on which link building techniques work and which ones don't, not to mention the commercial interest of those involved. Just think about it. Would you not recommend directory submissions if you were an owner of a directory? Or, would you not try to discount the risks of link buying if you were selling links and making a decent living from it?

We tired to remain as unbiased as possible and present all points of views in this tutorial, but we won't hide the fact that we are in the business of SEO software development, and we'd naturally would like you to buy our software.

So now it's time for you to set the wheels in motion and have fun at it. SEO can be very rewarding.  You will know what we are talking about when you see your site slowly start rising to the top. You will be guaranteed to feel a sense of accomplishment and victory over your competitors, not to mention the wonders it can do for your business and organization.

Best of luck and have a successful SEO campaign.

About this guide

This SEO manual is the work of Joel Katona the CEO and the Trendmetrix Software development team. We have taken great care to present you with factual information based on publicly available sources and our own experience in SEO, but this guide is not a replacement for the search engines' own guidelines and all information subject to changes and updates by the engines. Feel free to distribute this guide to anyone you wish, all we ask is that you don't modify the content in any way.

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