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How to get Top 10 Google Ranking Effortlessly?

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Joel Katona
Founder of
Trendmetrix Software
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Today’s link building requires a much different thinking and methods in the post Google penguin and panda world.
Link building is no longer just a mundane and time consuming process, but also a very difficult one, that requires a great deal of in depth knowledge and experience. Finding the balance between link platforms, anchor text variations, tiered link building and social media engagement strategies.

Since most of the Web 2.0 publishing platforms and social media sites require account creation and verification before posting your first content, it can become a tiresome task just to post a few articles and links on a daily basis.

The Trendmetrix team came up with a unique combination of a Web 2.0 multi tiered link building package and our own SEO Studio Enterprise edition software that can lift your ranking on Google for even highly competitive keyword terms.

This offer is for perfect for:

  • If you are launching a new website, and want to lay the foundation for solid ranking using diverse Web 2.0 properties.
  • If your website has lost ranking in the latest Google Panda and Penguin updates and nothing worked to remedy the damage.
  • If you want to acquire social media signals that are essential for top 10 ranking.
  • If you want to get ahead of your online competitors and outrank their website.
  • If you want to own SEO Studio Enterprise edition for FREE.

The Solution: Web 2.0 Link Building + SEO Studio

We start out by creating great quality content for your site. In the second step we publish those articles on the top Web 2.0 properties such as Tumblr, Weebly, Slideshare, Reddit and many others.
In the next phase, we have point the most potent bookmarks and social media modules at your site, to give your site the guaranteed ranking boost.

All these content sharing properties are linked together in a perfect harmony to give Google the exact link profile that top rankings sites already have.  

  • The 1st Tier Links will create the foundation for the powerful direct link juice pouring into your site. Web 2.0 properties, article directories and document sharing sites provide pass powerful link authority for your site.
  • The 2nd Tier Links will strengthen the 1st Tier Links and provides the shield from the Google Panda and Penguin algorithm ravaging affects. The second tier link building sites include Wikis, bookmarking sites and various Web 2.0 sites.
  • Social Media links, tweets, pins and shares added to the mix to give Google what it wants to see in your link profile. Your site gets a number of important social signals from Facebook, Twitter, Stubmbleupon, Pinterest, Flickr to name a few.

We also watch for anchor text diversity and incorporate your website URL, brand, or product name along with generic word such as "visit the site", "click here" etc into the incoming links anchor text.

You will also receive a copy of SEO Studio Enterprise edition Free of charge when you order this highly effective link building package, a $157 value.

Glowing Recommendations and Proven Results

Just a sample of client's site ranking in the month of May.

We have been testing our Web 2.0 link building package for months before putting it on the market in the post Penguin world. We can say the results speak for themselves.
The average ranking increase had been over 20-80 positions on Google from their initial ranking before ordering our link building package.

Ordering details

Details Needed to Start

  • Your domain name, sub domain or a sub page of the site
  • Your main target keywords up to 4
  • Your secondary keywords up to 10 (Optional, we'll search them for you)
  • Your contact email
  • PayPal email address and transaction ID

Turnaround Time

  • We set up the SEO Studio Enterprise account the same day your order is placed.
  • The Web 2.0 content creation and link building phase take on average 14-18 days. Full reporting provided of links placed in Excel format.

Money Back Guarantee

  • We so strongly believe in the ranking increase you will see as a result of our Tiered Web 2.0 link building that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.
  • If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results, we'll refund your purchase and thank you for your order.
  • The SEO Studio Enterprise Edition is yours to keep 100% FREE.

Sign Up Now! This is a limited time offer!

You get a powerful combination of a ready-made Web 2.0 link building package that has proven to lift the rankings of our clients sites and the SEO Studio Enterprise edition, which alone is a $157.99 value.

Hurry, order your package today!

Web 2.0 Link Package + SEO Studio Enterprise

Starter $397 Sale Price


1st Tier Links

  • 8 High PR Web2.0
  • 50 High PR Article
  • 100 High PR Wikis
  • 10 Edu Links
  • 10 Document sharing
  • 40 High PR Profiles -
  • 1 Tumblr
  • 1 Weebly

2nd Tier Links

  • 500 Wikis
  • 100 Web2.0 Links
  • Facebook Shares
  • Tweets
  • Flickr image share
  • Pins from Pinterest
  • Stumbleupon share
  • Reditt share
  • Tagged share
  • Slideshare share
  • Ping and Linklicious
Professional$447 Sale Price


1st Tier Links

  • 16 High PR Web2.0
  • 100 High PR Article
  • 200 High PR Wikis
  • 20 Edu Links
  • 10 Document sharing
  • 10 High PR Profiles -
  • 1 Tumblr
  • 1 Weebly

2nd Tier Links

  • 1000 Wikis
  • 150 Web2.0 Links
  • 2 Facebook Shares
  • 2 Tweets
  • 2 Flickr image shares
  • 2 Pins from Pinterest
  • 2 Stumbleupon shares
  • 2 Reditt shares
  • 2 Tagged shares
  • 2 Slideshare shares
  • 2 Ping and Linklicious

If you have questions about our Web 2.0 Tiered Link Building Packages please Call 1.877.Top.1030 (1.877.867.1030)  for a free no obligation SEO consultation or contact us by completing this form.