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The Secrets to Authority Link Building

Two identical websites with different ranking results?

Take two very similar websites with well optimized content and the same Google Page Rank. Seemingly both websites have the perfect page titles, body content, headings, strong internal links with the target keywords and even the perfect image alt tags.

The keywords are well distributed on the web pages and the internal links, yet one of these websites is ranking in the top 10 and the other website is nowhere to be found even going past the first 300 search results.

How is this possible?

It's all about links. Many new webmasters have a hard time grasping this concept, but it's really simple. Human visitors look at a site's appearance and content to gauge its usefulness and value. The search engines don't have eyes, well, that's only partially true, but they are mostly blind to website "eye candy" such as flash and images, humans consider important.

How links are used by the search engines?

The answer is simple Google, Yahoo and Bing are using inbound links to determine websites' reputation. De mystifying the link popularity building process is our first goal. Link popularity building is about quality and relevance first.

On the web the only reliable reference or vote a search engine can use for a site's quality is links pointing to that site. Well, at least that's how machines like search engines determine quality and relevance. So, the question is how to get more links from sites that push a website's ranking higher.

Warning About Paid Links!

Did you know that Google is actively pursuing sites selling links and punishing them with severe PageRank demotion?

With traditional link brokers whose link inventory is open to the public you are running the risk of your inbound links will be discovered by Google and made worthless by penalizing the sites that are actively selling links.

Can you really afford to pay thousands of dollars monthly for worthless links?

Our link building is different. We concentrate on creating linkable content for your site that other sites in your market niche want to link to without begging for links. Since we don't have an inventory of links, we go about link building the old fashion way, we manually get links in the form of guest posts and linkable valuable content.

This means the links we get for you will work to increase your sites search engine position long after we have placed the links for you.

The Answer is Authority Link Building + SEO Studio Enterprise

Authority link building is all about providing strong back links via aged, topically relevant sites and keeping your website out of Google's penalty box.

  • 100% topically relevant unique articles for each blog post, that can pass a great deal of link reputation to your target site
  • 100% Do-follow permanent links
  • Different publishing platforms (wordpress, drupal, joomla etc)
  • Different themes and niche specific graphics
  • All blog post pages are indexed and cached by Google
  • All Blogs are on different C IP blocks
  • All unique domains, majority .com TLDs with private registration
  • No adsense or other types of advertisements on the blogs
  • You can specify 2 URLs and up to 10 keywords per pacakge

SEO Studio SoftwareYou will also receive a copy of SEO Studio Enterprise edition FREE of charge when you order this highly effective link building package, a $157 value.

Ordering details

Details Needed to Start

  • Your domain name, sub domain or a sub page of the site up to 2
  • Your main target keywords up to 5
  • Your secondary keywords up to 5 (Optional, we'll search them for you)
  • Your contact email
  • PayPal email address and transaction ID

Turnaround Time

  • We set up the SEO Studio Enterprise account the same day your order is placed.
  • The Authority content creation and link building phase take on average 14-18 days. Full reporting provided of links placed in Word screenshot format.

Money Back Guarantee

  • We so strongly believe in the ranking increase you will see as a result of our Authority ink building that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.
  • If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results, we'll refund your purchase and thank you for your order.
  • The SEO Studio Enterprise Edition is yours to keep 100% FREE.

Authority Link Building & Guest Posting Pricing

$30 x 12 links = $360.00 USD One-Time


$25 x 24 links = $600.00 USD One-Time


$20 x 36 links = $720.00 USD One-Time


Safe Paypal Purchase

If you have questions about our Authority Link Building Packages please Call 1.877.Top.1030 (647-948-5789)  for a free no obligation SEO consultation or contact us by completing this form.