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Link Building Packages with FREE SEO Software

SEO Studio SoftwareFor a limited time get SEO Studio Standard edition Free of charge wit your one-way Link Building Package.
  • Complete your PayPal payment
  • Our expert link building team will send you a SEO Studio Standard license key for your very own powerful SEO software.
10 links x $18 = $180.00 USD Single Payment
20 links $17 = $340.00 USD Single Payment
40 links $16 = $640.00 USD Single Payment
100 links $15 = $1,500.00 USD Single Payment

Link Exchanges Don't Work One-Way Links Do!

A common approach to link popularity building is to create a link directory and exchange links with hundreds of "random", mostly irrelevant websites. The truth is one-way links will win every time over exchanged links. Link Popularity is a critical factor in search engine ranking no doubt, and large scale link exchanges are seen as a link popularity manipulation tactics by Google.

Let's put it this way, if the majority of your links are gained through link exchanges, Google will rank sites with more one-way links ahead of you in the SERPS. It's that simple.

If you want higher rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing, you need one-way relevant permanent links.

How Does it Work?

Our one-way permanent links are guaranteed to match our strict criteria:

  • You specify the URL, the anchor text and description
  • All link pages are indexed and cached by Google
  • Google PageRank varies between 0-4 on the LINKING page
  • Different C IP blocks
  • All unique domains
  • No java,PHP redirects or rel=”nofollow” tag in the links
  • No banned websites supplemental results
  • At least 50% of the link partners' sites will be related to your site's content
  • 12 Months Link Replacement Guarantee for peace of mind. If your link is removed within 12 months of completing your order, we'll replace the links.
  • See for yourself how we build quality permanent one way links for some of our clients Permanent One-Way Link samples.

Custom Link Building Packages

A great number of links from related resource pages are very important, but the search engines need to also find your links on high quality “authority” pages. Authority pages are those that are considered a subject matter expert on your website’s main topics and keywords. For example the DMOZ directory is an authority site due to the fact that human editors review each website.

Finding these high authority sites and acquiring one-way links is a challenge for many webmasters who don’t know how to properly select high quality sites for inbound links. The cost of acquiring links varies a great deal as each site sets their own price for linking back to your site. The cost can range from nothing to $300 or more per link.

Our job is to find and contact authority sites that have the potential to pass the greatest amount of “link power” to your site at the lowest cost possible. Although, the Google PageRank is still an important factor for gaining better rankings, when it comes to authority sites, the number and quality of the inbound links to the site matters a great deal more. Therefore our auhtority link packages come with HOME page PageRank guarantee only.


Custom Payments For Link Building

Enter the Amount   

Your Questions Answered

How long will my link stay up on the linking sites?

We don't have control over the linking sites, but we guarantee your links will be in place for up to 12 months from the time the links are confirmed. We will replace any links that are lost due to moved or dropped pages anytime.

What happens if my link is removed after I have paid?

We replace any links that have been removed within a 12 month period. You just have to let us know via email and we'll ensure your lost links are replaced within a 1 week or less.

Can you guarantee all linking sites will be related to my site?

We strive for relatedness, but we can only guarantee that 50% of the link partners' sites will be related to yours.

Do you own the sites where my links are placed?

No, we don't own or control any of the sites your links are placed on. It's important to note many sites offering large link packages do it by keeping an inventory of interlinked sites and placing your links on them. This is a very ineffective linking strategy as most sites are hosted on the same physical server or the domain registration information is readily available which guarantees the link pages to be almost worthless..

Subscribe now to one of our permanent link building package today or call us at 1.877.Top.1030 (1.877.867.1030) for a free no obligation SEO consultation.