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Increase Web site Traffic Qualified Visitors and Sales

One of the best website promotion strategies to increase your web site traffic and generate online prospects is obtaining top search engine rankings. When you want to find products and services information online, how do you find themt?
If you are like 85% of the online public, you use Internet search engines. It only makes sense that being in the top ten for your selected keyword phrases will mean increased business. Targeting the right online audience, and keywords in order to increase website traffic takes a bit of work. It requires comprehensive analysis and research to determine what it will take to get you to the top, then you must create a website promotion campaign that translates into more targeted traffic and increased business.

Web Site Traffic Analysis Reports

As your website traffic building promotion is gaining momentum and your website is starting to receive more visitors, you need to start answering some of these questions:

  • Do you know how much traffic your web site attracts?
  • Do you wonder who is coming to your site?
  • Where do they come from?
  • When do they come?
  • How did they find your site?
  • What search engines they came from and what keywords did they use?

In order for your website traffic building project to pay off, you have to track which search engines and keywords drive the most traffic to your site, and which traffic in turn converts into most sales, or sales leads. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) probably offers visitor tracking services for free or for a minimal cost. With most of the log analysis tools and online visitor tracking services, you can easily generate comprehensive search engine marketing reports. To measure visitor traffic website statistics, tracking and analysis software programs and service providers can perform keyword tracking analysis, to help you in your search engine optimization and search engine

Some of our favorite website visitors statistics measuring and analysis solutions include ClickTracks and Web-Stat.

Are You Looking for a Website Promotion Company to Increase Traffic?

Trendmetrix offers a full range of website promotion and search engine marketing services. Please visit our search engine optimization services pages for full details and to sign up for a Free no obligation SEO consultation.