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SEO Studio just may be the only SEO tool you will ever need! SEO Studio may be the first and only marketing tool I know of that handles both on and off page optimization!

Frank Travisano

Version 3.8.0 Build 197 Release of SEO Studio Feb 20, 2015

  • Fixed Link URL retrieval in the LInks Plus tool.
Version 3.5.7 Build 934 Release of SEO Studio April, 2013
  • Fixed anchor text retrieval in the LInks Plus tool.
Version 3.5.7 Build 826 Release of SEO Studio April, 2012
  • Fixed SEO Studio Links Plus issues, Google Page Rank retrieval fixed.

Version 3.5.7 Build 167 Release of SEO Studio December 5, 2010

  • Fixed SEO Studio Keyword Analyzer issues, in some cases reports were not generated.

Version 3.5.7 Build 167 Release of SEO Studio February 12, 2007

  • Added new Ranking report workspace for easier keyword, engine and website management
Version 2.9.1 Build 145 Release of SEO Studio September 27, 2007
  • Fixed ranking reporting issues
  • Fixed problems with secure SMTP servers running on port 463
  • Changed the search engine update purchase and upgrade URLs
Version 2.9.1 Build 58 Release of SEO Studio July 18, 2007
  • Fixed Profile Export, Import and Duplication issues
  • Fixed problems with the Ranking Reporter saving functions, the reports were not always saved before
  • Fixed Yahoo API link retrieval and indexed pages functions

Version 2.9.0 Build 44  Release of SEO StudioJuly 03, 2007

  • Fixed the Alexa Ranking in the Links Plus tool
  • Fixed the link partner checking feature in Links Plus
  • Fixed the automatic link form filling tool by enhancing the DOM parsing functions
  • Fixed the progress window in the analyzer and links plus tools not appear on top of all windows.
  • Fixed the Google Page Rank retrieval when there is an ending slash at the end of the URL or a # symbol is used.
  • Added Yahoo API option in the Ranking and Links Plus tools
Version 2.0.4 Build 3458  Release of SEO Studio June 17, 2006
  • SEO Studio is now Vista compatible
Latest Version 2.0.4 Build 3452  Release of SEO Studio November 9, 2006
  • Fixed the ranking report Summary reports, the differences are not shown from day, week or month
  • Fixed Google page rank retrieval issue when there is a backslash at the end of the URL
  • Fixed Google API key sign up URL location changed in the profile explorer to http://code.google.com/apis/soapsearch/
  • Fixed and improved speed of the Autofill the Links Plus manager
  • Fixed Alexa export of numbers to make sure they are not text
  • Fixed the import of the status column in the links campaign manager
  • Fixed the open profile dialog so the first row is visible instead of the last one
  • Fixed the filter options in Links Plus, now standard users can import URL, domain or keyword filters.
  • Added Shift key and Control key selection to the Links Plus manager
  • Added the a feature to duplicate profiles
Version 2.0.4 Build 2939 Release of SEO StudioAugust 11, 2006
  • Fixed header and footer logo image path retrieval procedures
Version 2.0.4 Build 2935 Release of SEO StudioJune 2, 2006
  • Fixed keyword count errors in the Body tag section in the keyword analyzer.
  • Fixed saving of custom logo header and footer path, now they are saved when the company information is saved
  • Fixed checking of reciprocal links, previously only one selected link partner URL was checked when several link partner was selected
  • Added a new advanced option to retrieve the website age from archive.org
  • Added a new option to automatically fill link submission forms and created custom field value and search string editing options.
  • Added a new link submission search option to Links Plus when keyword searches are performed.
  • Added a new Google Page Rank graphical display to Links Plus, Link Campaign Manager when broswing link partner pages.
Latest Version 2.0.4 Build 2032 Release of SEO StudioApril 25, 2006
  • Fixed connection errors messages in the Keywords Analyzer
  • Added new web query option to the Ranking Analysis tool to look up domain information, including age, and domain WHOIS registration.
  • Enhanced the Links Plus tool by adding a graphical Google PageRank display to the list of websites displayed.

Version 2.0.4 Build 2031 Release of SEO StudioJanuary 08, 2006

  • Fixed Top Ten Spy and Keyword Analyzer keyword calculations in the body text
  • Fixed an error when specific web pages were analyzed in the Keyword Analyzer
  • Enhanced the export/import feature in the Links Plus by adding all available fields
  • Added a feature to add selected website URLs to the favorite website list in the Keyword Analyzer
  • Enhanced the Keyword Analyzer by adding a graphical Google PageRank display to the list of websites
Version 2.0.4 Build 2030 Release of SEO Studio
  • Fixed Links Plus link partner URL handling when there is a 3-way link exchange
  • Added a new Google Page Rank column to the keyword analyzer
  • Added an export feature to the keyword analyzer internal links grid
  • Improved the link page creation script in Links Plus by using CSS instead of unordered lists

Version 2.0.4 Build 2029 Release of SEO Studio

  • Fixed ranking report generation problem in the Ranking tool.
  • Fixed the Keyword Analyzer body text calculation by including the heading and link texts.
  • Fixed link partner checking problems when new line and tabs are used in the links
  • Fixed Ranking tool website additions when trailing slashes are used.
  • Fixed performance issues when updating link partner categories in Links Plus+
  • Fixed license key input when double byte language characters are used.
  • Added new full URL reporting option to the Ranking reporter Summary Reports.
  • Added Keyword Analyzer feature to retrieve internal web page title, meta tags, file size and image count.
  • Added Keyword Google PageRank, server type, IP address and last modified date.
  • Add functionality to look up Archive.org information in the Keyword Analyzer and Links Plus+ tools.

Version 2.0.4 Build 2028 Release of SEO Studio

  • Fixed overflow problem in the ranking tool.
  • Fixed the Keyword Analyzer density calculations when the text attributes is Bold, Italic, Strong or EM.
  • Fixed IP address not showing issues in some cases in Links Plus+ Tool.
  • Fixed Google API checkmark is not saved in Links Plus+.
  • Fixed Alexa Ranking figures retrieval in Links Plus+.
  • Fixed in the Ranking Tool adding website URLs, removed any trailing or leading spaces automatically.
  • Added new CSV file export feature to Ranking reporter Summary Reports.
  • Added feature to save sort order in the Open profile dialog.
  • Added a "Date Added" column to the Link Plus+ tool to record automatic/manual link aditions.
  • Add functionality to stop the multiple emailing process.
  • Added an import option for main and sub categories in the Links Plus+ tool.

Known Issues:


Upon installing the new 2028 update you may get the following errors:

Error -2147024770: Automation error. The specified module could not be found.
The installer shows an error message it can't open the installer because it's not a valid Windows installer.


The first error is caused by a missing or corrupted MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) and the second one is due to a corrupted version of the SEO Studio installer.


1. Download the following SEO Studio patch and install it.


2. In order to correct this problem, please go to www.microsoft.com and download MDAC 2.8 or higher. Then install it on your computer. This may require you to reboot the computer. After that everything should work fine.

1.If your operating system is Windows XP Home or Professional edition Service Pack 1 or Windows 2000, please go to www.microsoft.com and download MDAC 2.8 or higher.

If your operating system is Windows XP Home or Professional edition Service Pack 2, follow these steps to repair MDAC 2.81.

  1. Right-click on the file C:\Windows\Inf\mdac.inf and choose "Install".
  2. When prompted for a location, point to C:\Windows\servicepackfiles\i386
  3. When prompted for the file location, choose C:\Windows\ServicepackFiles\i386 or the i386 folder on your XP installation CDROM.

2. Install and reboot your computer.

Version 2.0.4 Build 2027 Release of SEO Studio

  • Fixed, Object variable or With block variable not set errors when the applications settings file could not be parsed.

Known Issues:


When you open the SEO Studio Ranking tool you may receive an error message:
35602 "Key is not unique in collection"


The SEO Studio Ranking tool may have found previously checkmarked search engines in the search engine list in one of your SEO Studio profiles. The search engine you have previously checkmarked may have been either removed or renamed by one of our search engine database updates.


1. Load the Ranking tool, and press "Uncheck all Engines".

2. Save the profile.

3. Close the Ranking tool

4. Open the Ranking tool and re-Checkmark search engines as needed.

When you click on the "Uncheck all Engines" button, the search engine list is cleared in the profile and the error should not appear again.

Version 2.0.4 Build 2026 Release of SEO Studio

  • When searching for indexed pages, Links Plus will ignore the Exclude duplicate domain and Exclue Internal Links options checkbox in the advanced options.
  • When adding link or changing link partners manually Links Plus+ will remove any trailing or leading spaces automatically.
  • Removed the Google page rank restriction for the Lite and Standard version users.
  • Fixed Links Plus crashes after adding new link partners and clicking on retrieve emails.
  • Fixed Search Engine anonymous proxy functions as they did not work properly with some tools (Ranking, Links Plus+)

Version 2.0.4 Build 2025 Release of SEO Studio

  • Added search and analysis feature to find indexed pages by search engines.
  • Fixed main and subcategory dialogs to allow enterprise version users to import categories.
  • Fixed the profile import feature to prevent existing profile data to be overwritten.
  • Fixed the bottom footer image to prevent resizing and distorting custom logos.
  • Fixed issues when the IP is not showing in some cases in Links Plus Tool.
  • Fixed display of reports opening in existing default browser windows.

Version 2.0.4 Build 2024 Release of SEO Studio

  • Added link partner primary email field, and date added field to the Links Campaign manager for easier link partner management.
  • Fixed Alexa ranking issues in the Links Plus tool.
  • Fixed overflow errors in the Ranking and Links Plus tool when the retrieved results are larger than a long variable's limit.
  • Corrected alignment issues in the link pages generated with Links Plus+.
  • Fixed keyword density miscalculations in the HTML sections enclosed with font decorations tags.

Known Issues:


When you start up the SEO Studio 2.0.4 Build 2024 executable an update prompt is displayed to upgrade SEO Studio 2.0.4 to Build 2025.

After the download completed, program shut down and start installing the updates, but at this point you may get an Error Message: It's not possible to open the installer package... Verify the rights... Verify that Windows Installer... and similar messages.


The SEO Studio installer package cached on the user's PC may be corrupt or had been deleted.


The recommended approach is to remove SEO Studio through the control panel Add/Remove dialog and reinstall SEO Studio with a new installer from our main mirror website located here .

This installer contains the SEO Studio 2.0.4 Build 2025 executable and will not prompt users for a new update to be downloaded.   

Version 2.0.4 Release of SEO Studio

  • Added template based links page creation to match your website's look and feel
  • Added the SEO Studio task scheduler to perform unattended Submission, Ranking and Top 10 Ranking Spy analysis.
  • Added feature to email multiple link partners simultaneously in the Links Plus+ Tool.
  • Added ranking reports with visibility statistics and ranking history comparison
  • Added the Google API option in the Ranking Reporter to query Google safely and comply with their TOS.
  • Added sorting, editing and copying website URLs, and keywords option in all SEO Studio tools.
  • Added option to save frequently used URLs in the Keyword Analyzer websites favorites list.
  • Speed increases of 25% to 30% in all SEO Studio tools.
  • Added feature to save Keyword Analyzer reports.
  • Export SEO Studio Ranking, Submission, Keyword Analyzer and Top 10 Spy reports in Adobe Acrobat format. The Ranking reports can also be exported in Microsoft Word and Excel formats only available in the SEO Studio Enterprise edition.

Version 1.7.10 Release of SEO Studio

  • Added Links Plus+ a link popularity building tool
  • Added a Ranking Analysis graphical display component to the Ranking Tool
  • Added support to execute keyword search on selected search engines from the Keyword Analyzer
  • Added support to look up keyword suggestions from Overture, and Google
  • Added support to copy keywords from the keyword analyzer 1-2-3 keyword phrase list to the clipboard
  • Added support to display, and print the HTML source code in the Keyword Analyzer, Ranking Analysis and Links Plus+ tools with syntax coloring
  • Added AutoComplete support to all text boxes which accept URL input
  • Fixed Top 10 Spy memory usage issues
  • Fixed errors in the Top 10 Spy when the Total Keywords is not selected in the Advanced options
  • Fixed errors when saving profiles with the right click menu button in the Profile Explorer

Known Issues:


When you start up the Links Plus+ tool on a profile that already existed prior to the upgrade to version 1.7.10 the Links Plus+ tool crashes with the following error

"Automation error. The object invoked has disconnected from its clients."

This error occurs with all profiles when you click the start button created prior to this update. Additionally, when you close SEO Studio after this error you receive this error message: "Run-time error '91: Object variable or With block variable not set"


The renaming of search engine used by the Ranking and the Links Plus+ tools.


Users who experience this problem with their old profiles ("old" term refers to profiles saved prior to the upgrade to the new version of SEO Studio) Perform the steps below to correct the problem.

1. Load the Links Plus+ tool, and press "Uncheckmark all Engines".

2. Save the profile and close the Links Plus_ tool

3. Open the Links Plus+ tool and re-Checkmark search engines as needed

When you click on the "Uncheck all Engines" button, the search engine list is cleared in the profile and the error should not appear again.

Version 1.1.60 Release of SEO Studio

  • Added more detailed SEO Studio and engine data update display
  • Added support for pasting keywords and websites into Ranking tool
  • Added support for pasting keywords into Top 10 Spy tool
  • Added support for sorting profiles in the Profile Explorer window (also profiles are sorted at startup)
  • Added buttons to close, delete, display, rename profiles under the Profile Explorer window
  • Fixed toolbar not saving the layout settings
  • Fixed cut/copy/paste crashes
  • Fixed Top 10 Spy not able to retrieve some top 10 websites from Google

Version 1.1.55 Release of SEO Studio

  • Added Source and Page View in the Interactive Keyword Analyzer
  • Fixed importing manually created CSV keyword files
  • Fixed "input passed the end of file" error
  • Fixed Ranking Tool errors
  • Fixed support of international dates

Version 1.1.44 Release of SEO Studio

  • Fixed error in the submission tool
  • Fixed error in Interactive Analyzer which appeared when stopping analysis of local html file
  • Added the dtcrt.dll file to remove the dhtml.ocx errors on some computers
  • Added Summary table to the Interactive Keyword Analyzer tool

Version 1.1.42 Release of SEO Studio

  • Fixed Interactive Keyword Analyzer bugs
  • Performance improvements in Interactive Keyword Analyzer

Version 1.1.29 Release of SEO Studio

  • Added DHTML control to the installation
  • Removed 30 Day trial registration requirement
  • Added new HTML tags support to the Keyword Analyzer and the Top 10 Spy now under the Advanced tab
  • Added HTML section description and usage examples
  • Added keyword list import functionality to the Website Ranking and the Top 10 Spy Tools 
  • Added Tip of the day.. form o Select and Deselect options for checkmark boxes
  • New menu options to read the SEO Studio FAQ and accessing Trendmx.com 
  • Fixed Profile window error when selecting tools 
  • Fixed European date issue when emailing reports 
  • Submission result pages are now viewable from the Submission results tab 
  • Added license registration dialog

Version 1.0.46 Release of SEO Studio 

  • Added European time format support 
  • Fixed Prominence Algorithm in Keyword Analyzer and Keyword Spy 
  • Updated Keyword Analyzer Report to be consistent with Keyword Spy
  • Added export functionality to the Keyword Analyzer 
  • Support for displaying software update details in the update dialog 
  • Fixed problem reopening SEO Studio after it was closed minimized 
  • Added margins to all reports 
  • Fixed resizing of the Email form and Profile Form 
  • Fixed bug when adding profiles with the same name as an existing one 
  • Fixed adding more than two keywords to the Keyword Spy when it's registered
Version 1.0 Release of SEO Studio