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SEO Studio just may be the only SEO tool you will ever need! SEO Studio may be the first and only marketing tool I know of that handles both on and off page optimization!

Frank Travisano

New: SEO Task Scheduler has been introduced to perform unattended Submission, Ranking and Top 10 Ranking Spy analysis:

  • The new SEO Studio task scheduling tool is a long awaited addition to the SEO Studio tool family. Listening to the numerous requests from our current SEO Studio Software users on how the use of an unattended Ranking, Submission, or Top 10 Spy execution would make SEO Studio more efficient, we are proud to announce the induction of these new features into our software.

  • Now you can pick and choose the profiles and SEO Studio tools you wish to execute without being in front of your computer, freeing up time for you to look after your business and customers.

The new SEO Studio Scheduling tool features:

  • Schedule SEO Studio Ranking, Submission, and Top 10 Spy analysis reports to be executed automatically.

  • Set tasks to execute daily, weekly, monthly or one time only.

  • View the logs of executed tasks in one easy use to use workspace.

New: Create Template Based Links Pages to match your site's look and feel

  • SEO Studio will automatically generate your links page for you using a customizable HTML template. You can even create link pages based on PHP, or ASP pages.

  • Use our default template or create your own to match your website's page, this way your links page will have the same look and feel as the rest of your website.

  • You can output all links on one page or have a links page for each category and sub category.

New: Email Multiple Link Partners simultaneously

  • A much requested feature is finally here to save you time over sending potential link partners requests for link exchanges. With one single click you can send hundreds of email requests at once.
  • Resend failed emailed requests with a touch of button.

  • Get clear and concise reporting on the emails you have sent to link partners, including the copy of the actual emails sent.

New: Retrieve Email Addresses from Link Partner websites

  • You can save hours searching for link partner contact information. Now you can automatically retrieve your potential link partners' email addresses. Extract email addresses from potential link partner's websites with the SEO Studio smart data spider.

New: Retrieve the indexed pages by the search engines for any website in the Links Plus+ Tool

  • Get an accurate picture about how many and which pages are indexed by the search engines.

  • Verify your most important web pages are indexed by the major search engines including Google, MSN, Yahoo and many more.

  • Retrieve important keyword statistics from your indexed web pages including Title and META tags keyword densities.

  • Analyze the Google Page Rank of each indexed page and retrieve the number of outbound and inbound links for individual pages for deep linking analysis.

New: Ranking Reports introduced with  visibility statistics and ranking history comparison:

  • One of the most often used SEO Studio tools is the Ranking Reporter feature. If you are like most web masters you will want to stay on top of your search engine rankings on a daily basis.

  • We have listened to our SEO Studio customers and introduced a much expanded Ranking Report which gives you a quick overview of your overall visibility for your top ranking keywords.

  • You can quickly find out your gains and losses for your Number One, Top 5, Top 10, Top 20, and Top 30 positions in the past 24 hours, week, or month.

  • You can now view the complete ranking history of your keywords, websites, and search engines you are targeting.

  • A new sorting feature allows you to reorganize the Ranking Reports by keyword, website URL, or search engine in real time without re-running the Ranking Reports.

  • A built in filtering tool can display the Ranking Report for a specific keyword, website URL, or search engine based on your selection. You can also eliminate ranking positions which returned zero results from the search engines.

  • A summary section provides information on how many gains or losses occurred for all keywords, selected engines, and website URL's.

  • Get information on the competitiveness of your keywords by viewing the Competing Pages column.

New: Google API is introduced in the Ranking Reporter to query Google

  • Now you have the ability to use your Google API license key* to execute ranking queries on Google which are compliant with Google's terms of service. To access the Google Web API's service, you must create a Google Account and obtain a license key. Your Google Account and license key entitle you up to 1,000 automated queries per day. To read more about the Google API, and to obtain a Google API license key to use with the SEO Studio Ranking tool please click here.

New: Save Keyword Analyzer reports:

  • A feature your have been asking for a long time now is yours. You can save Keyword Analyzer reports with your specific keywords analyzed and highlighted. This can greatly increase your efficiency to perform web page keyword analysis since there is no need to re-run Ranking Reports for the same pages over and over. Just name your reports and your have an instant history of your keyword analysis reports right at your finger tips.

New: Add URLs to the New Keyword Analyzer websites favorites list:

  • Now you can save a considerable amount of time re-typing website URLs into the Keyword Analyzer. You can save your favourite website URL's and can even execute keyword analysis on your favorite websites with a single click of a button.

New: Sorting, Editing and Copying website URL's and keywords with ease:

  • Easier keyword and website list management with features like sorting and editing entire groups of keywords and website URL's.

  • Copy individual or entire groups of keywords and website URL's to the clipboard with a click of a button.

New: SEO Studio Enterprise Edition introduced:

  • Fully Customizable HTML reports with Cascading Style sheets for the ultimate flexibility in producing reports that match your company's reports look and feel only available in the SEO Studio Enterprise edition.

  • Export SEO Studio Ranking, Submission, Keyword Analyzer and Top 10 Spy reports with ease to  Adobe Acrobat format. The Ranking reports can also be exported in Microsoft Word and Excel formats only available in the SEO Studio Enterprise edition.

  • Schedule an unlimited number of SEO Studio tasks for unattended report creation.

Updated:   Speed increases of 25% to 30% in all SEO Studio tools:

  • We have improved some of the string handling algorithms to achieve a 25% to 30% speed increase when SEO Studio performs keyword analysis, ranking comparisons, or link partner searches.

and many more...