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SEO Studio just may be the only SEO tool you will ever need! SEO Studio may be the first and only marketing tool I know of that handles both on and off page optimization!

Frank Travisano

SEO Software Reviews

Thank you for your prompt service this morning. I really appreciated that! When I had difficulty with Vista, I simply set up a service account with your company and you got back to me right away! That is great service. I look forward to using your product and will let you know of my success!

InspexPro Home Inspector
Martin Trucco

These results are outstanding!!!!!!!!! This site launched about 3 and half months ago with ZERO placement on their previous domain. I don't know what you all are doing, but keep up the excellent work

Real Estate Traffic Pros
Dan Hait

I'm from Canada and use SEO studio all most every day. Its pretty awesome. I wanted to renew my subscriptions for it, I had a couple questions to ask so I left a message for them to call me back. The very next day, SEO studio called me back and went way out of there way to help me out.
Thanks so much for everything!

Dansons Group Inc
Steve Nyback

TrendMx has been doing a really good job in the Search Engine Optimization area with its products. SEOStudio helps me a lot in identifying the keywords i need to use in my website, and in analizing my competitors websites.
Keep up the good work!

Max Francisco

Just a brief note to say THANK YOU for helping me resolve my problems so efficiently today.Your personal attention really helped us achieve a speedy result!
SEO Studio continues to prove to be one of my best investments ever. Combining help from my designer with this tool has lead to further improvements in my rankings recently. It has taken some months - but I am now getting consistently better results than a certain competitor who always "seemed to be at the top".

Thank you once again.

The Wedding Magician
Marc Lemezma

SEO Studio has been a great tool for our Search Engine Marketing efforts and the support system is outstanding. We continue to use SEO Studio for our own company and clients and the ROI has made it a valuable asset to our services. We would recommend this product to anyone who is serious about driving traffic to websites through search engines.

RexTrax Studios
Dusty Hale - CEO

I cannot recommend SEO Studio highly enough. If you are thinking of buying a SEO tool, you can't do better.

I purchased SEO Studio about a year ago, and even then it was a great product that did exactly what I required. I logged on this morning, and I recieved another update that has included yet more killler features that just make my job so much easier like report histories, and a task scheduler.

SEO Studio has the perfect match of power and control. I do some of my SEO work "by hand" as for some things, an automated solution is to imprecise, and I like to really understand my market. However SEO Studio has the exact tools I need to cut my SEO project time down yet still get great results.

SEO Studio is the perfect solution if you are promoting one site or one hundred. It's a smart purchase.

Jeremy Webb

I downloaded your software yesterday. I tried to use the Link Plus+ . I was really impressed. The user interface is friendly and easy to use. There are many configuration options. I can choose the way I want to run my search and I can see results clearly. I can see many parameters for each website and decide what I want to do and I can do it from the Links Campaign Manager. That is really nice.

Every thing I touch works. I search for a software like yours and didn't find so useful one. I use Web Position Gold 3.0, I saw Web CEO and SEO Elite and Others...


SEO Studio just may be the only SEO tool you will ever need! SEO Studio may be the first and only marketing tool I know of that handles both on and off page optimization! Whether you want to analyze the keyword density and prominence on your competitors websites, or analyze their backlinks, SEO Studio delivers.

Being in the link business, I was truly surprised and impressed with their Link Popularity Module and the amount of features it offered. If you are a webmaster and don't have thousands of dollars to hire and SEO Expert, then this is a solution you should consider. Trendmx know their stuff when it comes to search engine optimization and their software is a great tool for both the novice and advanced SEO.

Frank Travisano

Dear Mr. Katona

I have written you before with a Testimonial for your great SEO product, as a matter of fact I think that testimonial is up on your site. I was impressed with SEO Studio then when I wrote you several years ago, however, I am compelled to take this time to tell you that by using SEO Studio I have achieved some unbelievable Rankings and Marketing benefits while beating out national Web Solutions firms. This is a lengthy communication/testimonial to you and I could write you a brief updated paragraph using all the typical hype talk testimonials you see on other sites, but I think it's a lot stronger if I detail some very important SEO facts here just in case you want to share this communication with others, and by the way, feel free to do so, and if you should hear of anyone who thinks this is some kind of scripted testimonial just have them contact me, I'll be happy to set them straight on that one!

Background Brief
First I have been an Actor and TV Producer for years and am very proud and flattered to mention that I was recently inducted into Marquis Who's Who in America and the World. I only say this so as to add a bit of credentials to support the fact that I do a lot of research before I use a product in my work. Also as I told you once before, I am not new to Search Engine Optimization as I started out when the net first opened up so I do know what I'm doing, I thought I knew a lot more until I ran into you and your Team though.

Other than my own sites, I have two local clients I have designed and optimized web sites for. I want to put the emphasis here on the word, 'Local' as that will mean a lot when I tell you a couple of factual stories. I would like to give you examples of both of these companies, but they are very particular about sharing too much detailed info and I don't have their permission to do so, as I'm sure you can understand. I always maintain ethics in honoring their policies. I can tell you however, that one is an auto dealer and the other is an Auto Body Shop.
Auto Dealer     
I had done TV advertising for the Auto Dealer in the past and several years ago he opened up a new dealership in a much more rural area. He realized that he needed to do something to get people's attention for his dealership and knows that more and more people are shopping the net now for cars than many other medias. Having been in the Film and TV entertainment industry for years, I produce my own videos and have come up with a wide and super wide Multi Media screen format to feature them on. This is important because more and more sites now are using some form of video. I have found however, that many that do, and don't do it right, end up hindering their sites in the Search Rankings. Flash seems to be the main culprit for this one if plastered all over the place. Another factor is many of these so called Web Master gurus are using .asp and .php extensions for their main sites which are not very Robot friendly, others even use Flash in Frames, that's not very good Rocket Science as I'm sure you would warn against.

For the purpose of what I have to tell you, most of what I am referring to has to do with Google and MSN rankings, Google of course the most widely used SE, so every one wants that 'Google Top 10' listing but are finding it tougher and tougher to get, especially keeping their 'White Hats' on! Many have resorted to all kinds of techniques they think will work and end up getting blocked or even banned entirely for their spam tricks the come up with.

Anyway, when I started with the Auto Dealer they already had a site up and running. They were using one of those expensive Dealer Web Solutions groups, there's about 4 major ones out there that specialize in the Auto Dealer business, go visit a bunch of local auto dealers in several states and you'll see them. All of their sites look alike as you are forced into using their proprietary control panel. When I first built this dealer's site, I did it on a Hosting Service I have used that can handle a Multi Media site and offer's great Stats that I can use to verify all my SEO Studio work results. Now, their existing site that was up for 3 years before I started with them, states that they have tons of Optimization tools. Well, fine, they basically all say that, but when I ran a Ranking Report in SEO Studio on their existing site, the only place they had any ranking was for their Dealer name in their own city, and that was it, that one's a given, you can hire your friend's 3 year old to get those rankings.

My first step was to arrange several powerhouse domain names, some of which I was surprised the manufacturer overlooked, picked one for the  source site and parked all the others to point to it. Now, they have two sites, different looks, different domain names, but both sites service the same dealer. A note of caution here for others who are trying to do this, it seems some SE's penalize sites that are clones of each other linking back and forth, so that's something you need to be careful with.

Next I ran a Competitor Report in your SEO Studio, optimized according to a lot of the techniques you and your team built into SEO Studio, loaded up the entire site, coding, graphics, which by the way I have found out that many webmasters completely leave out of their sites, and other power packed methods you recommend. I'm running all of the new 2008 model videos on their site, I was also featuring videos of used cars, approx 30-40 per month, and had other videos running as well. The point being, this is a multi-media site with a ton of videos, not an all out Robot Friendly text only site. I told the dealer to be a little patient as even though the new site I put up was for his existing dealership, it is still considered a 'new' site by the SE's.

Result: Six months later a 48 page Ranking Report I ran in SEO Studio had this dealer not only in the Top 10 on Google and about 25 other SE's but also in the Top 10 in the World on some. Meaning, on search phrases used without adding a city location behind the phrase, it is world wide. On the local level I completely destroyed all the competition, some of them were using PPC's and we were #1 #2 and on and on, while they had to buy their ads to get listed.

Paid Ad Note
Last I saw in some reports PPC ads have dropped to a -4.5:1 ratio, meaning Organic Natural Search terms, the kind SEO Studio produces, gain a 4.5:1 advantage over PPC ads. Maybe  you can let me know how accurate that figure is. Now of the course the client is excited but then he was  contacted by one of those lead generator firms that says they'll produce leads for the dealer by adding a patented PopUnder ad on their site, being a car dealer eager for any kind of leads, they went with it. I don't want to come off sounding like it's an ego problem here, but when I first discovered this, my first thought was, well, there go those rankings. I know popups and popunders' can be useful if used properly, however, the popunder ads that they were using were not coupons with an offer to the visitor to the site, but a form requesting information from the visitor so sales people can contact them on vehicles they haven't had a chance to review yet. Plus, not only does the popunder not work in Opera the way it works in IE, something more and more webmasters are discovering if they don't review their sites in all browsers, it has it's own URL, not a popunder on the same site. So what happens in some cases is the SE Robots are now directed away from the site. Also, they started sending out mass emails. Now, that's not necessarily a problem if used correctly as their list was a previous customer list, but, they sent them out too fast in one fell swoop' and ended up on Spamhaus. I found this out as I used to check Rankings on a weekly basis if not more and all of a sudden, every single one of the MSN Rankings had disappeared completely. It seems that the dealer, that is also on a network, had a virus issue, something MSN Live blocks once discovered.

It's a good thing I caught this in a relative short time as after I found this out and had the dealer fix the virus issue and then removed their spam listing on Spamhaus, their rankings started to slowly come back. However, they started a huge reconstruction at their location and I have not been doing their site for about 2 months. In the meantime they started having their sales staff use their old existing Web Solutions site to try and cross promote both sites, well, now, their MSN Rankings are off again. I don't know, could you use a phrase "No SEO Studio, No Listings??!" I know what I achieved using SEO on a brand new site in a matter of months over what an expensive nation wide Web Solutions Firm with a large team of highly paid web master gurus that had 3 years to accomplish!

Moral of the story, if used as a Stand Alone system there is no firm, no software, nothing; that beats SEO Studio.

Auto Body Shop
Now, the Auto Body shop story. This is a strong one as this owner has given me a free hand and does not interfere at all with my methods. I can tell you this, he's a small Auto Body shop and with your SEO Studio I now have him on the Top 10 pages of over 450 different Search Phrases! His rankings are so Strong that a major Rental Car agency has just contacted him wanting to advertise on his site. One of his search terms appears as # 7 on Google on a Results 1-10 of 9,800,000 pages, that's a world wide listing. Now of course, he's not expecting someone to ship their car over from Siberia for an auto body job, but that's not the point. But if you can achieve a World Wide listing for a Local business, then getting him competitive in his own demographical area is a 'given', (in TV that's called ADI, Area of Demographical Influence), a very important factor in formulating ad costs, buys and reach etc.

By the way, it's just to ridiculous to mention all of it, but not only in his own city, but in his entire county he simply dominates every search phrase you can imagine. Meaning, not only have I been able to get him #1 all over the place, he is #1, 2, 3 and even 4, all in a row owning the Top 3 and sometimes 4 page positions with various different pages of his site locally. Each month he adds another page to his site and of course, I use SEO Studio to do his submission/promotions. I also want to tell you that the owner believed me when I told him what I would do for him so he stopped any and all other forms of advertising on the net the first month I started his site and is now even considering dropping his Yellow Page ad, all due to what I have achieved with your SEO Studio!

Now just in case  you do want to share this on your site or give an example of proof to your Team, any visitors to your site or any contacts you have, I will give you a few examples from two of my own sites, now these I can freely share with anyone I want, as follows:

Music Site
My wife is a singer and if you do a search for Music you'll find over 2 Billion pages. Music is one of the most highly competitive categories out there, it's even giving Major Record Labels a fit the likes of which they have never experienced before. So of course, her site poses the most difficult task to promote. So, what I did was to systematically go after 1 or 2 search phrases at a time. I just recently added movies to her site, and sample Music Videos of two of her new songs that will be on her next Album. American Idol of course is extremely popular so I went after a bit of that one as well.
Here are those search phrases: I want to tell you that I did go after a couple of tough ones but here's what SEO Studio has done recently for her site, http://www.nuclearpop.com I am just getting started.

*Note: One of the first lessons I learned when the web first opened up was 'Not' to go after search terms/phrases with huge numbers, try and first gain a presence in smaller categories first. Well, with the vast expanse of the internet to day from the early 90's that's much more so, but with SEO Studio I could'nt care less how many pages, I'll go after 100 million if I like the category, and by the way, I did exactly that, I achieved two Top 10 listings with categories of over 80 Million.

Here are a few of Lori's Music Rankings for her music site:

Google #5
download mp3 american idol theme song

Since Lori is going to be featuring Victorian Gifts on her site I went after these terms ahead of time and she is not even ready with them on her site yet:

Google #3
Results 1 - 10 of about 117,000 for
handmade victorian gifts

Google #3
Results 1 - 10 of about 149,000 for
victorian music clips

Since we wanted to get her name 'Lori' out there, I went after this search term and was surprised to find a lot of pages with this search phrase:

Google #1
music videos lori
Results 1 - 10 of about 347,000 for music videos lori

Unique SeaLand site
Last, I'll show you a few search phrases I went after with my SeaLand.tv site, yes, that's right, how many Top 10 rankings do you see with anything but a .COM??, not many, and almost never, ever do you see a .TV site, they seem to be the toughest for anyone to get a ranking with, well, take a look at these for my site: http://www.sealand.tv

Oh and by the way, not only is my site a .TV site, it is also in a Category all by itself that I must try and compete with huge catalog Gift companies selling hundreds of products and then I wanted to expand into the Environmental Group sites. How do you market 'Own your own acre of the Pacific Ocean?' Think about it! Sure, just use a few phrases that tell what it is, BUT, you're not trying to reach those who know about it, your tring to tap into the Gift world of products, environmental, nautical and much more and with only one main product, that' almost as vast as Music. Here are some examples:

Google #1 and #2
Results 1 - 10 of about 3,170,000 for ocean gift

Google #7
Results 1 - 10 of about 145,000 for
personalized nautical gifts

Google #1
Results 1 - 10 of about 148,000 for
best nautical gift

Google #2
Results 1 - 10 of about 271,000 for
our endangered environment

Google #5
Results 1 - 10 of about 799,000 for
endangered environment

Google #6 and #7
Results 1 - 10 of about 307,000 for
worlds most unique gifts
*Note: I am Ranked with this Search Term ahead of Baronbob.com unique gifts #10, and this company has tons of gifts and is all over the place in those categories, I only basically have the one item!!

Google #12
Results 11 - 20 of about 130,000 for nautical gifts france

Google #4
Results 1 - 10 of about 50,300 for nautical gifts for mom

I know this was lengthy, but I just want to add another important rumor going around the net. I saw something that said some Major Search Engines don't like it if you use certain Web Submission programs and they named a couple of them, BUT, SEO Studio was NOT mentioned in that category and I have never ever seen SEO Studio mentioned in any reports I get, However, I will state this, even if it was, I would just laugh and say, fine, that just gives me an extra edge over all of those using something else that was probably designed by Moe, Larry and Curly.

I've beaten every single competitor I've come up against with Joel Katona's Trendmetrix SEO Studio and I've been using it now since it first came out many years ago! In closing I will just add that, "yah, there may be a better SE Optimization tool out there, but if there is... it comes from Mars!!

Global Media Productions
Bob Schott

I have to just thank you for this kick a__ program, in the couple of days we have been using it we have found the errors in our site that have been stopping us getting in the top 5 for a number of keywords and phrases.

We use to hate going through our 500+ web pages trying to optimise them for better placement, now, we can find the ones we want to work on first and the others that can wait, instantly!

We use to sit at listing 44 for a highly competitive phrase "secure certificates Australia" now, we are NUMBER 1! And for the general keyword search for this, we are in the top 10! Huge improvement This was our first attempt at optimising our web pages, I can't wait to see what else we can achieve with SEO Studio. You have a loyal client for life!

KwikLink Network
Charlie McCormack

I must say I'm impressed by your product and your support. I've tried WebPosition Gold, Optilink, SEO Elite, IBP, and Arelis.

Your SEO optimization software is by far the easiest-to-use, most comprehensive software I've used. I would highly recommend SEO Studio to anyone who wants to get a top search engine position without spending a lot of money or a lot of time.

This is one great product!

The Satellite TV Guide
Brian Stevens

I want to write and thank you guys for your amazing SEO Studio software. I purchased it a few months back and within a month I was really beginning to see the results.

Now I am achieving 1st and 2nd page rankings for my main keywords on all the major search-engines and free directories. I even have top position in over a dozen cases! And of course I have noticed a huge increase in my site traffic and the business generated.

A friend of mine (in a similar business) spent $600 with an SEO company at the same time. His results are only a tenth as good as mine! Thank you again

Lemezma Creator of Amazing Magic
Marc Lemezma

I would like to say that out of all the other products I have tested, most of them a lot more expensive, SEO Studio is by FAR the best, in EVERY detail!It is simple and effective to use, but seems to give fuller information on every aspect on SEO than any other software in this genre.

The Client Factory
N. Llewellyn-Davies.

My first experience of using SEO studio follows...

To test the seo studio software, I used the website of a friend who asked me to promote his website (for free - as friends always do!). Firstly, as with all websites, I optimised the site, changing head tags, keyword density and so on, using information gained from the excellent Analyzer tool within the software.

Once the site was optimised, I submitted to all engines using the seo studio submission tool. Only a few days later, I checked, completely at random, to see if the site was listed on google.com - to my surprise, it was!

Now the site still has a few problems that should not make it achieve a high ranking - it has very little text on each page and is hosted on a major portal so does not have its own domain name. These are things that all web sites should avoid.

I then set about finding what positions it had achieved on Google, using keywords that I had optimised for. I found that the site was listed for about 10 listings on google.com in positions 1 to 6. I then checked on yahoo and similar positions were found. I also checked google.co.uk as the site is located in the uk and even better positions were found ( 1 - 5). I must stress that my friend has an extremely small business, yet is beating huge rivals after only a few days for his chosen keywords.

The site is: www.btinternet.com/~warren.research/ ( only a sub dir from a portal site )

Some search results are below.

family history
research essex
family history essex
family history researcher
find ancestors essex
ancestors essex
find ancestors uk
family researcher uk
UK find ancestors - #1 Google
find your ancestors #3 Google

All top 10 on Google and yahoo - better results on google.co.uk

Some results are for a directory listing, but only the optimisation and submissions with seo studio have made it rise to the positions it is currently in. The directory listing was never seen before.

Its worth noting that there is not much actual content on there yet which makes it even more impressive.

I was amazed that after only a few DAYS (not months) after submission, that a site that did not even have its own domain name and virtually no text on the web pages had reached such high positions.

Being a Professional Search Engine Optimiser, I try lots of software each month and i have to say that with the ease of use and the extremely simple submission method that i am extremely happy that i chose to purchase SEO Studio. I have now started to use the software to submit my own websites and I am more than happy to do so.

James Welch

Dear Makers of SEO Studio,

I have been using your software as well as 3 others. I have found yours much easier to use and with a much shorter learning curve. I became comfortable with your package in less than half the time of other SEO software. I have also found the submission tools to be with out peers.

Your support of the software has also been stellar. I feel like Joel K., the developer, works for my company. He has been completely responsive to every support issue including those that were user error.

I look forward to your future products.

Drakko Designs
Glasco Taylor

Having been in the design business since 1993, I look for three features in any software. The interface must be appealing, customizable, and easy to navigate.

SEO Studio is all of these, and is the most effective web site search engine optimization tool I have ever seen on the internet.

Oven Fresh Web Design
George Heinz

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