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Search Engine  Submission Essentials

Search engine submission is necessary for successfully promoting your web site. Anyone can have a well designed web site, but without search engine submission your target audience and all other Internet surfers will have no way of knowing about it.

If you don't promote your web site by submitting it to the search engines, no one will see the results of your hard work. There are many companies offering several search engine registration and submission tools that allow you to increase your exposure on the Internet and draw more traffic to your web site.
Unfortunately, most of these search engine submission services also want you to stay locked into monthly or yearly search engine submission contracts. With SEO Studio you can submit to all the top search engines without paying any monthly fees absolutely Free. Another important benefit is you get to control and monitor the complete search engine submission process.

Search Engine Submission Guide

Always submit to the most reputable search engines and directories, including Google, Altavista, MSN, Hotbot, Lycos, DMOZ, and Yahoo to name a few. With the Internet constantly changing at such a rapid pace, new directories come into existence almost every day. Your search engine optimization and submission efforts have to take into consideration this changing landscape. Trendmetrix keeps a close eye on developments in the search engine industry, so you do not miss submitting your web site to any new fast rising search engines. You should resubmit your site on a regular basis to these search engines, ensuring your listing always stays current using SEO Studio search engine submission tool.

Submit Your Web Site to Internet Directories

We have complied a detailed chart outlining the Internet directories with their Google Page rank, Google Backlinks and finally by their Alexa rank to help you gauge the mount of visitor traffic you can expect from these directories.

Our own website is listed in many of these directories, the cost can ran range from Free to a few hundred dollars. We suggest you start from the top of this directory list and decide how much you can afford to spend. If you have a small budget you may want to skip over the Yahoo directory submission as it is nearly $300 per year. You are probably better off spending that money on 10 smaller directory submissions.