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Increasing Link Popularity

Search engines are looking for innovative ways to provide visitors with quality search results by using link popularity. Search engines measure the total number of inbound links, to websites, better known as Backlinks. Higher link popularity is given to web sites which can show a large number of inbound links. These websites are given a boost by some search engines when a web surfer is searching for a term closely related to that site.

The Pitfalls of Link Popularity Building

Link popularity is not always what it seems, There are programs referred to as "Link Farms" that allow you to trade links with other sites for the specific purpose of increasing link popularity. These require a word of caution. Some search engines do not like over-inflated link popularity through these types of programs and are in fact becoming very strict about this kind of conduct. They penalize or even ban web sites for using "Link Farms".

Building quality inbound links takes a little time. Begin by conducting a search for web sites that are similar to yours. Once you have found a web site that you would like to trade links with, visit it and collect the e-mail address of the web site owner. Send an e-mail to the owner suggesting that you would like to trade links. To get on their good side, already have a link to their site on your web page and show them where their link will be displayed.

A good place to start searching for quality links is DMOZ.org. Website already listed there have been reviewed by a human editor and Google also places importance on having a listing in the DMOZ directory.

Find Out Your Own Link Popularity with Link Analyzer Tools

If you want to find out how many other sites are linking to you, just use our Links Plus+ link popularity tool , with a click on a button you can find all inbound external links to your website. However you can also check your link popularity by going to  the search engines and typing in 'link:your-domain.com' or their own specific command for finding out your link popularity.