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Social Bookmarking Services

Within the social networking boom that we are all witnessing, bookmarking sites are also part of this explosion of resources that arise every day to help us build our online community. A few years ago, the first bookmarking sites emerged timidly, but the fundamental idea behind its creation was to make a sort of back up of our favorites site and links to web reources we vistied often.

There was then no need to waste everyone's favorite, if we had the option to keep them safely tucked away in an online bookmarking site. As the Internet began to take the social dimension, share bookmarks with other users began to be seen as a great way to learn of the existence of other sites that might be of interest to us, just as are other users with our own tastesand trends. Accordingly, share bookmarks became commonplace.

Social Bookmarking

The steps to create bookmakring account is simple. It starts by creating an account, and creating a profile which usually consist of interest-called tags, which each user creates to categorize their favorites. It is therefore clear why visiting the social bookmarking sites is an excellent idea, not only to strengthen our Internet marketing efforts to promote our site, but to be updated on relevant information that is close to our business niche. The way bookmarking sites organize information generally is through tags. It is precisely in this way we can find information that interests us: looking for pages with these tags.

While some sites use no follow-links, some others do use do follow links, which makes getting on these sites is an excellent way to build quality lins. These bookmarked links also contribute to our PageRank and our organic positioning on the search engine. The crawlers of search engines index bookmarking sites several times a day, so making bookmarking entries of our articles, blog posts, videos, twitts actually beneficial to build links and create new sources of traffic.

Some of the Top Social Bookmarking Sites

  • Del.icio.us: One of the most popular social bookmarking and used. Lets share news, sort by tags, see the people who share the same story or link and view the "tweets" that mention this link. http://delicious.com/
  • Digg.com: delicious same social marker, where you can sort the results by theme: science, technology, business, sports, etc.You can search for news results both formats, image or video, and can vote for all results.  http://digg.com
  • StumbleUpon.com: Social Bookmark pages in English, also rated themes and format of video, pictures and news.  http://www.stumbleupon.com/
  • Excite Bookmark: Social Bookmark Portal Excite. Lets see how many people have kept that same link and sort by tags.http://bookmarks.excite.es/
  • Reddit.com: Anything interesting, news, articles, blog entries, videos, photos, etc. http://www.reddit.com#
  • blinklist.com: social bookmarking site in English in general.  http://www.blinklist.com
  • Mister Wong: Generic social marker, a German but with version in Spanish, French, and English. All results can be saved and comment. You can integrate the Mister Wong button to your blog or website so your visitors can add you directly to your favorite Mister Wong. http://www.mister-wong.es
  • Backflip: English social marker results also classified by themes or categories. http://www.backflip.com.
  • MyLink Vault: English Social Bookmark. http://www.mylinkvault.com/ 

Social Bookmarking Packages

What is included in our social bookmarking package
  • Social Bookmarking on 300 popular social media sites like digg, propeller and delicious using you own accounts created for you with your specific keywords.

We create new user accounts on each social media site and the bookmarking URL will be made available in the report. A maximum of 15 different titles, descriptions and tags will be used to make the bookmarkings to look unique.

Social Bookmarking on 300 Sites - Single Payment $150


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