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Hub Pages and Squidoo Lens Promotion

One of the natural limitations of link building made through links on directories is the difficulty to properly contextualize these links. We can create a title, a description, and we can try to include the link in the right category, but we have no control over the rest of the content of the page where our link is placed. Indeed, we have no control over the page title, or other links that appear on that page.

In contrast, there are some very popular social media publishing sites, called hubs and lenses where we can be building landing pages that allows us to customize the page content (text, images, anchor text links, alternate text for images, etc), assign a title and even define a meta description. For those of you who still don't know about these social media websites, let us introdcue you to the world of hub and lens publishing. Squidoo and HubPages are very useful in terms of link building and content promotion.


  • Squidoo: allows you to quickly create a landing page (almost like a microsite) that you can use to promote a product or affiliate offer. It offers a great ability to customize and optimize content. Although it includes conversion and compensation mechanisms, many users use it strictly for SEO purpose.
  • HubPages, Squidoo competition. If you want to sell a product or monetize it using Adsense, it can work well for both purpose. If you seek the SEO effect, it's also a great tool for link building.

Hub Pages and Squidoo Lens Packages

How do we make your Squidoo Lens and Hub Pages stand out?
  • Customized, fully completed profiles in hubpages and Squidoo
  • 2 Unique content posted to the customized hub and lens
  • Videos & Images added to the posts as required

Well detailed report on completion of the project with account details, urls and everything you need to know to ensure the correct completion of the project.

Hub Pages and Squidoo Lens Package- Single Payment $200


If you have questions about our Hub Pages and Squidoo Lens Package please Call 647-948-5789  for a free no obligation SEO consultation or contact us by completing this form.