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SEO Studio just may be the only SEO tool you will ever need! SEO Studio may be the first and only marketing tool I know of that handles both on and off page optimization!

Frank Travisano

Search Engine Ranking Software Tool Features and Benefits:

Search Engine Ranking Reporter Tool
Search Engine Ranking Tool Video SampleSearch Engine Ranking Tool Report Sample
  • Check the ranking of an unlimited number of websites. The SEO Studio rank checking tool finds multiple websites on multiple search engines for several keywords simultaneously. This will save you hours of your time since you will no longer have to check your ranking manually.

  • Exact or broad keyword matching options. Keywords can be ranked as an exact phrase or as a keyword phrase based on individual keywords.

  • Measure your search engine ranking. SEO Studio can compare ranking of several domain names, and individual web pages based on unlimited keyword phrases on all the major search engines worldwide.

  • Ranking analysis with a graphical tool.  You can easily find the ranking differences between search engines for selected keywords. This powerful SEO Studio tool will allow you compare two search engine results laid out side-by-side for selected keywords. Since this tool is a visual tool it is best illustrated with a screen shot displayed below.

The SEO Studio Ranking Analysis Tool screenshot

  • Send custom ranking reports to your clients. The search engine ranking reporter produces visually appealing, easy to understand, and highly customizable HTML reports for emailing or printing with your own company name and logo.

  • You can view the complete ranking history. Get detailed reporting of your keywords, websites, and search engines you are targeting over time. Advanced sorting features allow you to reorganize the Ranking Reports by keyword, website URL, or search engine in real time without re-running the Ranking Reports. Get information on the competitiveness of your keywords by viewing the Competing Pages column.

  • Ranking visibility summary. You can quickly find out your ranking gains and losses for your Number One, Top 5, Top 10, Top 20, and Top 30 positions in the past 24 hours, week, or month.

  • Export the ranking reports in 3 popular file formats. The Ranking reports can be exported in Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word and Excel formats.
  • Automatically create ranking reports with the help of the SEO Studio Task Scheduler.