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SEO Studio just may be the only SEO tool you will ever need! SEO Studio may be the first and only marketing tool I know of that handles both on and off page optimization!

Frank Travisano

Top 10 Ranking Spy Features and Benefits:

Top 10 Ranking Website Analysis Tool
Top Ranking 10 Spy Competition Analysis Product TourA Sample Report Created by the Top 10 Ranking Spy

  • Keywords based comparison and top 10 analysis. Compare your web pages against competitors and top ranking sites on one report. Up to 10 of the top ranking web sites for each of the keywords and search engines can be selected and displayed on the report. This will give you an edge in identifying keyword optimization patterns and keyword placements by your top 10 competitors.

  • Compare a competing web site. Make a direct comparison with a competing web site. A direct keyword analysis can be performed if you already know the competitor's web site address. On this report you can go head to head with the competing web site to see where you may need to optimize your pages for optimum keyword density.

  • Important keywords statistics measured. The Top 10 Ranking Spy report will list in detail the following keyword analysis and characteristics:Keyword Occurrence, Keyword Density (%), Keyword Prominence (%), No. of words, and No. of all characters. It will also compare keywords to other top websites, and one user selected competing website to give you the insights necessary to make appropriate keyword placement decisions.

The Top 10 Ranking Spy report Title tag Keyword analysis

  • Produces easy to understand reports. Top 10 Search Engine Ranking Spy will create visually appealing reports with the analyzed keywords highlighted. This will allow you to take appropriate action to tweak your web pages right away.

  • Send custom Top 10 Ranking Spy reports to your clients. The Top 10 Ranking Spy produces customizable HTML reports for emailing or printing with your own company name and logo.  

  • Export  Top 10 Ranking Spy reports in Adobe Acrobat format.