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Affiliates Helpful Hints

Thank you for considering Trendmetrix as one of your affiliate partners. We know how hard it is to advertise efficiently in the fast-changing environment of the Internet. As we gain experience in this field, we will continue to share it with you. After all, you are our affiliate and it is in both our interests to maximize your sales. Below are some helpful hints that will help you better promote SEO Studio and increase sales from your site.

Find the right place for your banner

Throwing your banner on the bottom of your front page with some other affiliate links probably won't bring you much luck or revenue. It is more effective to place your affiliate links on appropriate pages. Make sure that SEO Studio links are everywhere that your visitors may be looking for them and in places where they will appreciate them.

Choose the Right Banner

Once you have decided where you would like to place your banner, choose the right banner according to the content of the page. SEO Studio supplies several different banners, which can be downloaded from our banners and links page, pick the one best suited for your website. All of these banners were carefully selected after testing them on live sites. We recommend that you rotate more than one banner and change them on a regular basis.

Add Copy to Your Listing

Not all of the banners and logos are self-explanatory. Add some brief copy describing the advantages of SEO Studio and consider describing some of your own shopping experiences for SEO tools and what have lead you to try or purchase SEO Studio. Do the homework for your users, it will pay off.

SEO Studio Promotional Copy #1:

SEO Studio Promotional Copy #2:

SEO Studio Promotional Copy #3:

Something for Your Home Page

As we mentioned earlier, it's better to place SEO Studio links on appropriate pages. However, if you want something special for your visitors, it may deserve to be on your index page.

Be Creative!

Browse our web site and come up with your own ideas. We are sure that you'll find something on our site that will catch your eye.

Use e-Mail and e-Newsletters to Promote Your Site

If you don't have one already, consider developing your own web site newsletter to inform your e-mail subscribers of updates to your web site. Let them know about SEO Studio products. A great source for such information is the SEO Studio newsletter. It's free and you can sign up here.

You can use links with your unique code in your own newsletter and have your subscribers go directly to the SEO Studio product page and generate sales for you. Please understand that unsolicited mass-mailing (i.e. SPAMMING) which contains links to SEO Studio is not permitted and is grounds for immediate termination of Affiliate status.

Test it! Test it! Test it!

No matter how much experience with e-commerce you have, you need to test your ads over and over and over. Keep your eye on the banners you are using and replace them if they don't perform well. Test different copies and ask your visitors for feedback. Any suggestions and questions are welcome at affiliates@trendmx.com.