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  1. SEO Course Introduction

    Resource 1 - Course Introduction
    Resource A - Course Overview
    Resource B - Skills Readiness Check
    Quiz HTML Pages Fundamentals Quiz
    Resource C - What Is In It for You
    Resource ROI-calculator for SEO (Microsoft Excel)
    Resource 1 - Summary

  2. Search Engines Primer

    Resource 2 - Search Engine Optimization Primer
    Resource A - If you Build It They Will Come
    Resource B - Why META Tags Are So History
    Resource C - Someone Has To Be In The Top 10 Might As Well Be You
    Resource D - The Big Three, Get to Know Them Well
    Resource E - The Search Engine Algorithms Like a Mystery or Is It?
    Resource F - You Can Still Buy Your Way to The Top
    Resource 2 - Summary

  3. Site Readiness and Setting up Your Tools

    Resource 3 - Site Readiness and Setting up Your Tools
    Resource A - Your Best Friend the Google Toolbar
    Resource B - You Got Framed
    Resource C - Flashy Sites
    Resource D - Images and Other Distractions
    Resource E - Optimizing Dynamic Content
    Resource F - Scripts and Dynamic Navigation
    Resource G - Page Loading Speed
    Resource H - Cutting the HTML tag clutter with CSS
    Resource I - Reliable Hosting is Key
    Resource 3 - Summary

  4. Setting up Your Domain

    Resource 4 - Setting up Your Domain
    Resource A - Can a Domain Name Influence Your Ranking?
    Resource B - Interlinking Domains, Is It a Bad Idea?
    Resource 4 - Summary

  5. Are You Indexed?

    Resource 5 - Are You Indexed?
    Resource A - Finding Your Web Site on The Search Engines
    Resource B - What Do Search Engines Index?
    Resource C - Controlling What Search Engines Index
    Resource D - Search Engine Submission Myth Buster
    Resource 5 - Summary

  6. Keyword Primer

    Resource 6 - Keyword Primer
    Resource A - The Best Tools To Use For Your Keyword Research
    Resource Keyword Research Tool (Microsoft Excel)
    Resource B - What the Competition Can Teach You About Keyword Selection
    Resource C - Keyword Popularity vs. The Competition
    Resource D - Keyword Relevance vs. Conversion
    Resource E - Site Wide Keyword Theme
    Resource Keyword Theme Research Tool (Microsoft Excel)
    Resource F - There Is No Final Keyword List Only a Start
    Resource Keyword Combination Tool (Microsoft Excel)
    Resource G - Where Should Keywords be Placed
    Resource H - Keyword Selection Mistakes To Avoid
    Resource 6 - Summary

  7. Page Names and Folders Names

    • Think Keyword Before Naming Your Pages and Folders
    • Underscore or Hyphen the Debate Continues
    • HTM, HTML, PHP, ASP Can They Effect Your Ranking
    • Exercises

  8. Optimizing Web Pages

    • Occurrence, Density, Proximity, Prominence In Plain English
    • How To Synchronize Titles With Pages
    • Meta Description and Meta Keyword Tags
    • Headings and How to Control Format
    • The Body Text and Keyword Placements
    • Advantages of Table Layouts
    • Cross Linking Internal Pages To Help the Engines
    • Site Maps are Not Just Road Maps for Your Site
    • Common Page Optimization Mistakes To Avoid
    • Exercises

  9. Adding New Keyword Rich Pages

    • Write Newsletters and Publish Them On Your Site
    • Create a Search Engine Friendly Blog
    • Convert PDF Documents to Static HTML Pages
    • Setup a Community Bulletin Board
    • Publish Other Expert's Articles
    • Exercises

  10. Link Popularity Primer 

    • Today's Search Engines are Link Centric
    • How To Measure Link Popularity
    • Is a Link a Link?
    • Page Rank and It's Importance
    • Link Relevance How The Search Engine Define It
    • Exercises

  11. Link Popularity Building Strategies

    • Finding Links with Keyword or Competitor Link Search
    • Reciprocal Links, Diamonds in The Rough
    • Image Links vs Text Links
    • Managing Link Partners
    • One Way Inbound Links
    • DMOZ and Yahoo Directory Listings
    • Second Tier Directory Links
    • Buying Links
    • Site Wide Links
    • How To Avoid Links That Will Sink Your Site
    • Exercises

  12. Optimizing for Google

    • The Sandbox Trap and What You Can Do Stay Clear
    • Anchor Text, Your Savior or Your Enemy
    • The Latest Jagger Update and How to Avoid Becoming a Victim
    • Are Affiliate Sites at Risk?
    • The Google Beta Site Map, Don't Expect Miracles

  13. Optimizing for Yahoo

    • Can a Yahoo Directory Listing Help Your Ranking?"
    • Yahoo is Finally Moving Away From Heavy Reliance on "On Page Factors"
    • How Do You Optimize for Yahoo While Avoiding Being Penalized on Google?

  14. Optimizing for MSN

    • The Easiest Search Engine to Get High Ranking on, MSN
    • Teh Most Effective Optimization Techniques for MSN

  15. ODP Submission Tips

    • Choosing the Right Category Is a Must, Patience is also Recommended

  16. Yahoo Directory Submission Tips

    • It's a Good Investment If You Have More Money Than Time

  17. Ranking and Visitor Tracking

    • SEO Studio Ranking Reports
    • Visitor Traffic Analysis
    • What Keywords Are People Using to Find Your Site
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Click Stream Analysis
    • How to Build the Perfect Visitor Funnel to Your Checkout Page

  18. Black Hat SEO Techniques

    • Over Optimizing Keywords and Links
    • Invisible Text
    • Redirected Pages and Domains
    • Cloaking and Other Methods To Fool the Engines
    • Web Page Generators and The Risks of Using Them

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