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SEO Studio Team News November 2005

The Easiest to Use Yet the Most Powerful Website Promotion Tool

In this issue:
  • What's new in SEO Studio version 1.1.44
  • Advanced HTML tag analysis
  • HTML tag definition and usage in the Top 10 Spy, and Keyword Analyzer
  • Keyword occurrence summary added to the Keyword Analyzer
  • Import Keyword features added
  • Select and Deselect options for checkmark boxes
  • SEO Studio 30-day trial limitation removed SEO Studio Lite released
  • New SEO Studio FAQ andfeedback pages added to Trendmx.com
  • We are launching our very own Search Engine Optimization industry newsletter

New: Advanced HTML tag analysis options in Keyword Analyzer and Spy     
  • This newly added feature now allows you to see some lesser-known "visible" and "invisible" HTML tag contents on a web page. By creating a logical grouping of "visible" and "invisible" web page analysis options in both the Keyword Analyzer and Top 10 Spy you have an effective tool to better optimize your web pages. By pinpointing these new HTML tags you are able to see what your competitors are using to achieve higher rankings on the search engines.
You can reduce or broaden the different HTML page section you wish to analyze. The sections you can analyze include visible and invisible HTML section. Some of these section include the Title, META Description, META Keywords, BODY text, Image Name, Image ALT text, Link or Image descriptions, Link Href, Headings and Comments tags and many others. Please refer to the complete list of HTML tags in the Introduction to the Keyword Analyzer features in the SEO Studio Help files.
New: HTML tag definition and usage in the Top 10 Spy, and Keyword Analyzer
  • Now you can get HTML tag definitions, and usage examples directly on the SEO Studio Keyword Analyzer and Top 10 Spy reports. This information can help you better optimize your pages especially for lesser known and used HTML tags which nonetheless contribute to a better page ranking.
New: Keyword occurrence summary added to the Keyword Analyzer
  • When you highlight a keyword phrase in the Keyword Analyzer, the report bellow not only highlights the keywords where they occur but also displays the occurrence summary for those keywords at the top of the  page for easy reference. For example, if the keyword phrase we wanted to analyze was search engine optimization we would get the following output from the Keyword Analyzer for the Trendmetrix web site home page:
Occurrence Summary for Keyword: search engine optimization Title(1), META Description(1), META Keywords(1), Body Text(6), Link Text(1), Link Href(14), Link Title(6), Headings H1(1), Bold Text(2), Strong Text(2), Image Alt Tags(10), Image Names(5), HTML Comments(1), Table Summary(2)
New: Import Keyword features added to Top 10 Spy and Ranking Tool
  • You can now import keywords from any comma-delimited file such as the file generated by the SEO Studio Keyword Analyzer tool. With a click of a button you can choose the CSV (comma delimited) file containing the keywords you wish to import. The keywords will be automatically added to the end of your existing keyword list. This new time saving feature is available in both the Top 10 Spy and Ranking Tool. For more information on this tool, please see refer to the SEO Studio Help files.
New: Select and Deselect ALL checkmark boxes for keywords, websites, and HTML sections
  • These new time saving features allow you to have the flexibility to select either individual or entire groups of keywords, HTML tags analysis options, web site URLs, and keyword analysis options in the Keyword Analyzer, Top 10 Spy, and Ranking Tools.

SEO Studio 30-day trial limitation removed SEO Studio Lite released
  • We have now removed the 30-day trial limitation to allow unregistered users to continue evaluating new releases of SEO Studio. Since we are continually improving SEO Studio by adding new tools and features both registered and unregistered users can asses the program upgrades on an ongoing basis without a time limit.
  • If you are an unregistered user and already downloaded SEO Studio you can now upgrade to SEO Studio Lite within the next 30 days even if your trial registration already expired. You can also download the new version of SEO Studio Lite from here. We hope you enjoy using SEO Studio Lite for an unlimited time!

New SEO Studio FAQ and feedback pages added to Trendmx.com
  • We believe continues improvement is not possible without valuable customer feedback. Understanding the needs of our customers provides us with the necessary feedback to continually improve our products, and customer support. We wanted to make it simple for you to send us your impressions of our products, services, and website. Please visit our feedback page to send  us your comments. If you would like to get answers to some commonly asked questions about SEO Studio please visit our FAQ page.

We are launching our very own Search Engine Optimization industry newsletter
  • If you rely on search engines for the bulk of your website visitor traffic you can not afford not to be up to date about the latest search engine mergers, trends and new SEO techniques. Keeping up with the ever-changing search engine industry is a daunting task for anyone generating customer leads or selling products on the Internet. This is where we believe our Search Engine Optimization Industry newsletter can be a valuable asset to you. We will include our owncommentaries, and new optimization techniques we learn about so you can utilize them in your own website optimization efforts right away. To subscribe, please visit our TrendMetrix Newsletter Subscription page.

Thank you for your interest in SEO Studio. We're committed to providing you with the most effective search engine optimization and promotion software tools available. To learn what you can expect from us, please read the Trendmetrix Software Mission Statement.

Feedback: We always welcome your feedback. Please tell us what you'd like to see in SEO Studio and in this newsletter by sending your suggestions to feedback@trendmx.com or please visit our feedback page . SEO Studio Team News is published several times a year. If you wish to unsubscribe from this mailing, please click here. ©2005 Trendmetrix Software Inc. All Rights Reserved