Submission Report (Automatic)

Trend Metrix Software Inc.
Bloor st., Mississauga
Ontario, Canada, L4E 3W9

Contact: Joel Katona
Phone: 905-223-2222 Ext: 232
Date: Nov 05, 2003
Time: 3:53:35 PM

Report For: Widgets Inc.
232 LAkeshore Blvd. W., Toronto
Ontario, Canada, L4R 3E8

Contact: Joe Smith
Phone: (416) 234-3332 Ext: 21

Submitted Information
Url Address:
Author: Joe Smith
Phone: (416) 234-3332
Website Category: Jayde: Agriculture
123 India: Entertainment
Cdnet: Employment | Jobs
ExactSeek: Personal
WhatUseek: Careers
Sympatico: Education
Website Title: Widget Design - Mississauga Design and Production
Website Description: Mississauga design, production and sales of widgets.
Website Keywords: Mississauga widgets, widget design, widget production, widget manufacturing, widget sales

Submission Results
Search Engine Status Time To Index
Alexa SUCCESS! Within 8 weeks.
AllTheWeb SUCCESS! 15 to 30 days
Google SUCCESS! About 60 days
Jayde SUCCESS! 15 to 30 days
MSN Search SUCCESS! No Guarantees
123 India SUCCESS! Unknown
321 Webmaster SUCCESS! Unknown
AxxaSearch SUCCESS! Unknown
Cdnet SUCCESS! Unknown
Entireweb SUCCESS! 8 to 10 weeks
ExactSeek SUCCESS! Within 24 hours if the site meets the criteria
MixCat SUCCESS! Unknown
OnSeek SUCCESS! 7 days.
ScrubTheWeb SUCCESS! Unknown
SearchEngine SUCCESS! Unknown
SearchIt SUCCESS! Unknown
SitesOnDisplay SUCCESS! Unknown
SurfGopher SUCCESS! Unknown
TryAmerica SUCCESS! Unknown
WhatUseek SUCCESS! Site will be reviewed within 1-4 days
Aeiwi SUCCESS! 7 days
Aesop SUCCESS! About 2-4 days
PleaseRetrieve SUCCESS! Unknown
Splat SUCCESS! Unknown
Google - AT SUCCESS! About 60 days
Abacho - AT SUCCESS! Unknown
Sympatico SUCCESS! Instantaneous
FindRex SUCCESS! 7 to 14 days
Abacho - FR SUCCESS! Unknown
Google - FR SUCCESS! About 60 days
Abacho - DE SUCCESS! Unknown
Google - DE SUCCESS! About 60 days
Acoon SUCCESS! Unknown
InfoTiger SUCCESS! Unknown
Google - IT SUCCESS! About 60 days
Arianna SUCCESS! Unknown
Diabolos SUCCESS! Unknown
Google - NL SUCCESS! About 60 days
Exploratorius SUCCESS! Unknown
Linkotheek SUCCESS! Unknown
Voelspriet SUCCESS! Unknown
Walhello FAILED!  
Abacho - UK SUCCESS! Unknown
SearchEngine - UK SUCCESS! Unknown
SearchUK SUCCESS! 8-10 weeks
Google - ES SUCCESS! About 60 days
Google - CH SUCCESS! About 60 days
Abacho - CH SUCCESS! Unknown