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How can I import existing link partner links and create link pages in Links Plus+

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asked 12 years ago in SEO Studio Link Popularity Tool by trendmx (2,180 points)

1 Answer

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In order to import the link partners into the SEO Studio Links Plus+ tool you have two options.

  • You can create a text file with the link partner URLs, emails and contact names
  • Simply copy and paste the list from the clipboard.

The format of the text file or the clipboard data format should be as follows (Please note the fields are separated with commas): 
Link Partner URL where your link is placed, Partner email address, Partner contact name

Once you have successfully imported the list, you need to create some main and sub categories for you link partners. For a list of about 150 link partners you should create a minimum of 5 main and 5 subcategories.
Keep in mind as your list grows and you want to maintain no more than 50 link partners per link page you may need additional categories, but for now 5 main and sub categories will do.

Now it's time to select a template page that will be used to output the list of link partners. You may want to take a copy of your website's index page and remove all the text in the middle of the page, clearing the space for the link partner list.

A simple illustration below displays what your template page should look like prior to outputting the list of link partners.(This illustration is available in the SEO Studio help file as well). 
As you can see we have inserted variables enclosed in "%" marks to let Links Plus+ know where to insert category names and the actual link partner links (%LinkPagesData%) .          


                <META content="%LinkPagesTitleData%" name=description>
                <META content="%LinkPagesKeywordsData%" name=keyword>

          <table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 width=670>
                        <td width=670>


To help the search engine rank your resource pages higher for related keyword terms, the link pages will have their unique title and meta keywords and descriptions extracted from the main and sub category names.

For example if you have created a main category called Web Master Resources and as sub category called Web Hosting, the title of the link page will become "Web Master Resources - Web Hosting".

Now it's time to select the Output Format options in the Link Pages Creation dialog. Checkmark the Group by Categories and Group by Sub Categories options and also checkmark the Create Separate Pages checkbox. 
This last options will organize link pages based on your main and sub category assignments into separate pages. The number of links per pages will match the number of link partners you have assigned to unique main and sub categories.

answered 12 years ago by trendmx (2,180 points)

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