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What steps does SEO Studio take to avoid spamming the engines?

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asked 12 years ago in SEO Studio Customer Support Questions by trendmx (2,180 points)

1 Answer

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In order to comply with Google's terms of service agreement we have introduced the Google API method to search for link partners in Links Plus+. Soon we'll be adding the Google API search option to our Ranking and Top 10 Ranking Spy tools. We also have included options in the SEO Studio application to set the limit of the number of simultaneous connections. The default is 1, this will allow more time between each search engine query while SEO Studio completes the processing of the retrieved pages. The SEO Studio Ranking Toolwill also alternate between different search engines when more than 1 keyword phrase, and search engine is used.

answered 12 years ago by trendmx (2,180 points)

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